In a very special way, I am living the American Dream.  I don’t mean being financially rich, but rather being able to live in a lovely home, in a beautiful neighborhood, doing a job I love to do and can’t wait to do more and one of the best parts of it is that when I do just what I really enjoy for a little while, someone pays me money.  It is like being on a perpetual vacation.  I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and before I got my PhD in Measurement and Evaluation, I became an author of a statistics textbook used by a few thousand students.  I do not want to guide you along the same road because your road will be different because you are different.  Whatever your road is, you have the ability to find and to take that road. Your dreams merely need someone to give you that extra push – the support and expertise to guide you through the labyrinth of roadblocks and problems that will stand in your way to achieving what you truly desire.  One of those roadblocks is being able to find out what you desire.  I will help you to define that.  You will then need a target to take you towards that bigger life goal.  I will help you define that and will coach you towards taking the right steps to take to get to that target.  Next you need a plan and the determination to carry out that plan.  I will be the nudge, the push, and maybe even the kick that you need to move towards your goal.  No more excuses.  I will help you become the person you wish to become.  Topics that you will learn from me include goal setting, positive habit forming, planning, time organization, study skills, memory techniques, reflection and evaluation.  What your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. 

He taught really really cool ways to memorize formulas and steps for the tests. I definitely did not mind going to his class everyday. Its so easy to get an A by just going to class everyday. By far my favorite professor at USF!!!!