When I came back to college, it was to become a psychologist.  I wanted to become a person who could work with individuals to overcome anxiety, depression, phobias and more.  I wanted to help couples who were having relationship problems, and students who were experiencing problems at school.  Once I got my masters degree, however, I realized that I could help more people by teaching others to become psychologists and once I started, I didn’t want to stop.  It was fun teaching psychology and that most fun was teaching the research part of psychology – the part that made the difference to all the other areas of psychology: Statistics.  The wonderful part of teaching this topic is that it opened the door for me to learn about and help people from other fields: medicine (with biostatistics), marketing (with business statistics) and even math (with introduction and intermediate statistics).  I enjoy seeing the look of enlightenment on the faces of my students.  It gives me a charge that keeps me going all day.  I can also help with writing APA style papers, MLA papers, Masters theses, and Dissertations (especially the results sections and Discussions).


Dr. Lunsford did an amazing job tutoring me in Biostatistics. He explained the concepts in a simple way and made sure i understand every question before he moved forward. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I will use him again as a tutor.
Professor Lunsford was my Statistics teacher at the University of South Florida. I also went to him for private tutoring. He explained concepts to me in way that was easy for me to understand. Dr. Lunsford is very knowledgeable and an outstanding educator. He made learning a lot of fun and showed genuine concern for his students. He always was passionate about his career and it showed. I wish all professors and tutors were more like him! I graduated in 2011 and live in Washington State. Even on the opposite side of the country he has been a wonderful mentor!
Greatest professor I ever had! Really made statistics a breeze. Got a 100 in the class! Still remember the material and am now a T.A. and a tutor for Statistics.
Dr. Lunsford is doing a great job tutoring me with my Statistics class. We work via Skype and it’s going great. He’s on time and very professional and I would definitely recommend him. Thumbtack is great too! It was a last minute consideration but it’s working out perfectly!
Dr. Lunsford is incredibly engaging and actually got me excited about studying statistics, and hopeful that I will excel. He is punctual and responsive, and the method for virtual tutoring he uses is highly effective. I look forward to meeting with Dr. Lunsford throughout my school semester; even our initial session gave me very valuable tools for my studying.
He’s my current teacher and is actually getting me to understand statistics.... I can’t even do basic math without getting confused but I’m understanding the formulas and techniques and how to actually use statistics in every day life. He’s a very fun teacher and never boring, plus he actually wants you to learn!!