My PhD is in Measurement and Evaluation.  This is the degree that focuses on the development of measures like: SAT, ACT, GRE, ASVAB, GED, GMAT, PERT, CLAST, TEAS, TOEFL, and many more.  As a result, I am able so share with students the tricks that are used to create questions as well as the tricks they need to answer questions without using the formula they probably didn’t memorize when they were learning the material in the first place.  I have helped many students achieve remarkable results on their quest to achieve higher scores on all of the above tests.  You will experience the joy of improving your scores using some interesting and valuable tricks of the trade.


Patient approach and explanations, clearly interested that the material is understood. Has helped my understanding and Test grades improve considerably.
I am very thankful for his services for my SAT Tutoring. I am recommending him to everyone. He is awesome.
Dr. Lunsford helped to prepare me for the GRE and I was able to surpass my goal score in the quantitative section. I felt like I had ZERO math skills prior to meeting with him, and I felt so confident walking into the exam. I’ve always had a difficult time understanding math, and he made it easier for me!
Dr. Lunsford is an outstanding mathematics instructor who is a pleasure to work with. I have three home-schooled teenagers who appreciate his upbeat attitude and his ability to simplify complicated math concepts. My kids look forward to weekly study sessions with Dr. Lunsford, and enjoy the academic success that accompanies excellent tutelage.