“When can we meet?“

You can check my availability on the calendar by clicking on the “Book Now” button on the home page and you will see the hours I have left for the next 90 days.  You can book by clicking on the time you want and I will contact you on that day and time.

“Do you work on the weekends and do you work at night?“

You can see from the calendar of available times that I work from 8AM-11PM Eastern Standard Time.  I enjoy what I do so there is rarely a time I won’t jump at the chance to do it.

“Can you see more than one person at a time?“

Absolutely.  I have taught classes that have more than 100 people in them.  As a tutor though, I can see 4 or 5 at a time and this enables students to save money as I charge ½ the fee for each additional student.

“I need someone who is extremely patient and will take time to help me, are you that person?“

Yes I am.  You will find that I am a very patient person.  I encourage my students to ask questions and I am very sensitive as to whether they understand my answer and if I think they don’t understand, I go over it again with another example and then I think of a question that they might be asked to find out if they are understanding. I will keep on and on until you get it.

“Can you help me with masters and doctoral level statistics or math?”

Yes.  I work with all levels of these topics and when I am unable to help, I find someone who can.  I have a number of colleagues who are prepared to work with students on a one-on-one basis to help them succeed at every level.

“Can you come speak to our school?“

I can.  I have spoken at many schools and colleges over the last 20 years and would be happy to speak for any group at a very reasonable fee.

“Do you have references?”

If you look on the bottom of each of the pages of the subject you are interested in, you will find the comments made by people who have had sessions.  If you need to speak to someone about my approach and ability to help, give me a call and I will provide references.

“What assurance do I have that you are any good?”

If you are in doubt after reading about me and reading what others say about me, give me a call and I will happily talk with you during a break so you can see the way I approach things.

"What certifications have you got?”

I have a PhD in Measurement and Evaluation, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a BA in Psychology have been certified as a Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil and Family Mediator.  I have a number of other awards but these are enough to display.”

“What makes you different from other tutors?”

I don’t really tutor a subject – I tutor the person.  I try to read between the lines about what the student needs and I work to fulfill that need.  For example, when a child has difficulty understanding numbers as a concept, I teach fingermath, or when a student can’t understand why they need to learn a formula, I work on why.  Because I require the students to keep me updated on their progress as they work, they get to know that I care that they learn. Because I record my sessions, the student can go over and over what I show them.  Finally, I try to break down each solution into steps that the student can learn by practicing the steps.”

“Can you work with children who have disabilities like ADHD?“

Yes, because I have a masters degree in clinical psychology, I have learned a great deal about the problems faced by children who have learning disabilities.  Happily, the computer helps to keep the attention of this kind of student.  My experience with students with learning disabilities is growing constantly.

“Do you work with people who have reading disabilities?“

Yes I do. I have learned that students with reading disabilities sometimes need special attention to get the results that other children seem to pick up without trying.  I have a number of techniques that work with improving the reading ability of students.

“Explain how your approach is different for people who have learning disabilities or math disabilities?“

During an assessment, I discover what the student needs.  I realize that when we work together, we both learn about what works best so the student will learn.  We develop techniques that work for that student.

“Can you give a discounted rate for block bookings?“

I do give a 10% discounts for 10 unbreakable bookings paid in advance. When a booking is unbreakable, it means that if the student can’t make it, it is already paid for and there is no refund.

“Is your price fixed? Is there a way to get a discount?”

If a family needs help with a student and they are unable to afford my service, I often “cut them a break” but it depends on the situation.  I do what I do because I love it and getting paid for it makes it magical.  Tell me your situation and if it warrants a break, we can come to an agreement.