English is both my birth language and my adopted language because, a) My father was an English Major and b) he was an Air Force Colonel so was transferred to England on the last tour before I finished school and got my first job.  I ended up staying in England for the next 27 years and learning that England and America have two very different ways to speak and use the English language.  Because my wife was also a wordsmith, she became a Collins proofreader and editor and corrected my usage whenever I made a fool of myself (which was quite often).  Mistakes made were the making of me, however, because I learned the English language better than the average person and now help others to learn the language in more ways than just teaching it as a second language.  I help people who need to learn to speak in front of groups, learn to communicate with a friend or spouse, or learn to say what they mean and mean what they say.  I help with writing complicated research papers and with making the scripts for a play.  Basically you could say that I am now the family wordsmith.  I can help you to grow into the word-master you want to become.

I am learning in a way I never did at school, talking and learning sounds like a child while paying more attention to the message is the way to do it. He makes it worth all the time, effort and money.