Do you want to write your life story? A short story? A Novel?  A Speech?  Or a university graduate program dissertation?  Whatever it is, I have experience in bringing out the best in your stories.  I guide you in the steps to set the scene, then I help you bring the story alive with the right research, descriptions, and order to make your reader want to turn the page to the next one.  Maybe you are just trying to write a paper for your school assignment.  No problem.  Tell me what you want the paper to say and I will help you to formulate the way the story should be told – from explaining a simple day in your life to describing a complicated procedure.  I don’t work alone on this as my son ghostwrites scripts, play, and film scenes – so we work together building storylines and crafting plots with our clients.  The process is both fun and rewarding. Happily, this can all be done online so there is no need to leave the comfort of your living room.


Dr. Lunsford is helping me with analyses for my thesis and has been very helpful and is knowledgeable about the topic. He is able to explain complex topics in a simple and clear way.