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You Need SAT Preparation Guidance If You Are Asking These 5 Questions

At Tutor, with the Best, you can appear for exam preparation tuitions for competitive, public tests. This is especially helpful for those who are planning to sit for the SAT’s again. A lot of things become easier when you know what to expect from the SAT exam format. The SAT examination is not the easiest of tests to crack. A lot of the appearing examinees decide to sit for the test again for a second time; sometimes immediately after they finish appearing for the first test without satisfaction.

SAT Preparation at Tutor with the Best

At Tutor with the Best, Dr. Douglas Lunsford is not just a math or algebra tutor; he also provides exam preparation guide for the SAT, ACT and other competitive exams. Dr. Lunsford’s exam prep guide is not only about helping you absorb the syllabus. It is also about helping the students tackle common SAT challenges like solving problems without necessarily memorizing every formula they come across in the syllabus.

So, if you are asking yourself any of the following questions, then you may benefit from Tutor with the Best’s exam prep sessions:

1.       Should the old scores be canceled?

Canceling the old scores is like omitting any trace of your effort behind the first SAT appearance. The current SAT score acts as a manual for what you should and should not do in order to excel at the next year’s SAT. There is a simple alternative to canceling the current SAT scores. Just refrain from posting the score for any college or institute you are targeting. Colleges are more likely to have a good first impression right away when you post the next year’s score, provided you excel better than the first time.

2.       Is the ACT test a good alternative?

This completely depends on how well you are prepared for the ACT curriculum. At Tutor with the Best, Dr. Douglas Lunsford helps students prepare for all kinds of competitive exams, including the ACT. If you are planning to sit for the ACT as an alternative to the SAT then at the very least you should sit for an ACT practice test first. Based on the grades from the practice test you can take an informed decision about whether you should sit for the ACT next year or not.

3.       Registering for another test

If you register for the next SAT at a later time of the year, then it gives you some extra time to prepare for the examination. Appearing for SAT’s in consecutive intervals is a no-brainer. It gives you very little time to improve your grasp of the syllabus. In conjunction with the above point, it is much more advisable to sit for the ACT test only when you have failed to achieve the desired results in the second SAT test.

4.       What is the best time to appear for the next SAT

Although this wholly depends on when you sat for the first SAT and how you have designed your preparation schedule. However, based on the schedule of the average student, chances are you are already preparing for your finals and AP tests in summer. So, applying for a June test may only make things more difficult and unmanageable for you. If this is also your case, then it is more advisable for you to appear for your SAT’s in August or October.

5.       When is the best time to prepare for the next SAT?

The best way to deal with confidence issues before an SAT exam is to start studying immediately after. This helps you to progress through the syllabus as quickly as possible with enough time for revisions. At Tutor with the Best, Dr. Lunsford offers the best suggestions pertaining to exam preparation and readiness. He also shares tips about information retention to help tackle the SAT paper format easily.

Tutor with the Best is there to hold your hand through your SAT ACT exam prep regardless of how many attempts you have taken before.