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Features Of Creative Writing That Make Everyone Love It

Have you ever started writing a story and got stuck up in the middle? Well, this is nothing new as most of us face this. Writing is something which requires creative thoughts along with proper knowledge of grammar, spelling as well as sentence construction. Creative thinking comes naturally. However, there are situations when you will feel that you want to express your thoughts through your writing, but you lack proper words. This is where you can take the help of a creative writing tutor. The purpose to consult a tutor is to get a decent guideline which will enable you to channelize your thoughts in a constructive way.

When you write a story, make sure your writing comprises of these four essential elements-





Plot- Some say a plot is a sequence of events while others say it is the gist of the whole story.  One way or another it is a series of linked events about a main character around which the story revolves.

A plot can be again divided into five different parts. These are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.

Writing a story needs a proper and meaningful plot. First jolt down the plot of your story on a blank paper, pointing out all the essential factors that you want to include in the story.

Character-a character is a fictional person or a figure who represent the story. However, there are several types of character, main character, protagonist, and antagonist character, dynamic and static character, round and flat character and many more.

When you are writing a story, make sure that all of your characters are properly placed in the story. Characters are said to be the essence of a story. They symbolize qualities such as courage, justice, love, hate etc. Without proper coordination between all the characters you cannot write a decent working story.

Setting- Every story has a time span, and this is known as setting. It mainly comprises the time, place and duration of the story. A proper setting triggers the attitude of the story.

Before writing anything, you should have a proper idea about the timespan, place etc. As soon as you get that write all those information on a notepad. Always start writing your story keeping in mind the time span.

Theme- The theme is the main idea that unites the story, the reasons of the actions, and the underlying ideas of what happens in the literary work, often a statement about society or human nature.

All of these are the most crucial element of any story or prose or novel. If you feel that you lack the proper knowledge about how to write a story, then take help of a creative writing tutor. However, it will be much more profitable if you get in touch with someone who is working as a maths, arts, economic, statistics tutor along with creative writing tutor. This will help you to get an all-round guideline.