Express Yourself Artistically With Words

Writing developed due to the need to exchange information, maintain accounts of financial transactions, codify laws and record history. The art of writing established itself in ancient Mesopotamia with the growing complexity of trade and administration. Human memory was not proving sufficient to store voluminous information of high importance. Writing was not only a means of documentation but also a vital tool for presenting information. Writing also evolved rapidly in ancient Egypt. This blog is about feature writing.


Feature writing – As far as definition is concerned, feature writing is any content which is original in character. Traditionally this type of content has been called ‘literature’. Feature writing mainly focuses on the expression of feelings and thoughts in an original way. Its quality depends a lot on the flair of the writer. There are various courses and programs on feature writing on offer for prospective learners.  There are various elements of feature writing.


They are character, story, scenario, message and opinion. Any writer who wants to start feature writing has to learn the art of operating with these elements. Characters carry the narrative of the write-up. They are mostly human, but sometimes writers also use inanimate characters. These characters stimulate emotions and feelings of the readers. The readers sympathize or identify with those characters whom they consider inspirational. Readers also rally behind those characters whom they consider to be the underdogs.


The story or narrative of the feature is also quite vital. It may be considered to be the backbone of the feature. It contains the theme or message of the feature. The story or plot goes a long way in driving home the writer's point. It needs to have a strong appeal to attract readers. The writer has to ensure that the story is not too complicated because then the reader may lose interest and the writer’s objective may also not be fulfilled. The next element is scenario or the setting. The writer may use one or more settings, and they may be small or large.


Some stories have settings as small as a room whereas some stories may span across continents. The scenarios which the writers use depend on the writer’s objectives as well as on the requirements of the story. Most writers have a message to deliver or spread through their features. The message is also referred to as theme or moral. Different messages are intended for different sections and types of readers. Finally, all stories reflect the opinions and views of the writers. It is well known that writers who have the capacity to articulate their opinions effectively taste success early.

Training for feature writing

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