Master Your Subjects and Score Straight-A’s With Tutor With The Best

Good questions have always outranked easy answers, and if a student is asking questions, it means they have grasped the subject matter to a desirable extent. ‘If they are smiling, they are learning’ is the agenda with which Dr Douglas Lunsford started his mentorship for students of all levels who need an English, Math, Trigonometry, Calculus, or Algebra tutor, among other subjects.

·         The best in tutoring students of all-levels

Tutor with the Best assists students of all academic levels in grasping a broad spectrum of subjects. Tutor with the Best offers educational assistance services to students, under the tutelage of Dr Douglas Lunsford. Students need tutoring in academic subjects taught in schools and universities, to help them grasp complex concepts that require hours to grasp.

·         Coverage of major subjects

Tutor with the Best is not limited in the number of subjects in which students are tutored. Students belonging to both Science and Arts & Humanities stream can expect to have their doubts put to rest. Dr Lunsford offers tutorials in a wide variety of subjects such as Geometry, Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics (graduate and undergraduate social, bio and business stats), English, etc.

·         Helping students grasp the core of the subject

Among the list of academic qualifications that define Dr Lunsford’s efficiency as an erudite, scholarly tutor, the one that stands out is his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. Although he specialises in the Statistics of Psychology, mastering the subject has also allowed him to proficiently teach subjects like medicine with biostatistics, marketing with business statistics and even mathematics with an introduction and intermediate statistics.

It has also given him a critical understanding of the student psychology, allowing him to help them grasp difficult subjects better than the academic institutes themselves!

·         Personal tutoring

One of the best things about receiving tutorials from Tutor with the Best’s Dr Douglas Lunsford is that he can be communicated with from anywhere as per the student's convenience. Dr Lunsford offers one on one online tutorial for all students. This allows him to focus his attention on a single student at a time. This allows the students to voice their concerns, doubts and problems without hesitation.

Since there is no aspect of multiple queries from multiple students; individual students can go ahead and voice their queries over and over until it is clarified, without any hesitation. The best part about Tutor with the Best’s online, personal tutorials is that the classes are not limited to US students alone; anyone, anywhere in the world can avail Dr Lunsford’s tutorials.

At Tutor with the Best the services are not limited to academic tutoring; students can also apply for coaching in public speaking, time management, anxiety relief and creative writing online.