After spending 35 years starting and running small businesses, Dr. Lunsford returned to college with the objective of becoming an educator in the field of Psychology and Mathematics. As he worked to obtain a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Measurement and Evaluation, he realized there was an enormous gap between how material was being presented by professors and how it was being absorbed by students at all academic levels. He began teaching at the University of South Florida in 1998 and soon had contracts with a number of local universities to teach their classes also. He worked in the tutoring center at University of South Florida helping students grasp difficult concepts and found that he was able to explain in a very short time what other professors were spending hours conveying. As of today, Dr. Lunsford has tutored hundreds of clients, of all ages (elementary students through doctoral students!), from all over the world, both in person and online.

If they’re laughing, they’re learning.
— Douglas Lunsford, PhD
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